Acumen believes that effective press materials must quickly engage the media — your communications agents — by getting to the meat of the story. Otherwise the effort is a waste of your money and everyone's time.


Press kits form the information elements of your communications effort, and they are always available both online and in traditional hardcopy.


To achieve these objectives, Acumen believes that great press kits must contain at least five elements.

Releases Short, simple, to the point — releases are written for a media audience. Online and social media releases are much shorter, more cryptic in nature. Those for traditional media are longer and more detailed. Then there are the special interests media such as the trade press. Getting it right is critical.


Backgrounders Usually most valuable for traditional media, backgrounders are especially important for our B2B market, which is more thoughtful and less visceral than the online media. Backgrounders provide depth, perspective and convincing details that support your credibility.


Briefs & case studies Similar in tone to backgrounders, these provide real-world evidence that you claim is actually true in practice. Case studies are essentially soft-endorsements or testimonials as to the efficacy of your claims. They are very important in a B2B world.


Executive profiles Whose running this show anyway? Executive profiles provide confidence about your product or service based on the credibility of your senior management and product manager. If they "know their stuff," then it is fairly likely that their products will deliver as promised.


Features & benefits Answering these basic "what does it do" and "why is that important" questions are the obvious keys to a buying decision. Thus, they answer the question, "How can use it to do my job better, faster, cheaper?" Without the right answer here, there's no sale.


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