Acumen believes that "anyone who talks or writes about you is media." Therefore, the term "media" is far more inclusive than many seniors managers envision.


Understanding, selecting, preparing for and actually engaging today's media is an extended and essential responsibility of senior management. And it is a complex task, indeed.

Acumen professionals understand that regardless of how exceptional your products or services may be, their value won't be realized if they are not accurately positioned with the correct media to reach your target audiences.


Therefore, the Acumen team works with clients on four levels.


One. We help you clearly identify and understand the needs and expectations of your target audiences. We help you examine the possibility of expanding those audiences. And we create the guide documents that will be used throughout the message creation process.


Two. The Acumen team helps you refine the intrinsic value of their products or services, plus your features and benefits, so that they squarely fit the expectation of your target audiences. Thus, we create messaging that aligns your perceived "value" with the expectations and needs of your target audiences.


Three. We take your new messages and expose them to the challenges of the real world of public media. This gives your "public team" experience working under the pressure of actually delivering key messages to the media and "sparing" with unpredictable journalists (in a safe environment). This is "media training."


Four. Acumen professional package your journalist-tested messages so that they fit the unique needs and delivery systems of your target media — from traditional print and broadcast outlets to the elusive social media. Once in the public arena, we track your results so that we can perform any fine-tuning necessary.


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