The corporate executive is a brand. Whether the CEO, a member of the C-Level team or a department head, today’s executive has an impact on the enterprise that extends far beyond his or her immediate job’s responsibilities.


The executive brand represents not only product knowledge, financial insight and management dexterity, but also an intrinsic corporate value,  personal and professional integrity and industry vision.

Managing the communication of these capabilities and characteristics is critical to the individual’s success — and to the success of the corporation overall.


We at Acumen have demonstrated our knowledge of these critical executive positioning requirements, and can apply our insight to help ensure that key members of your teams are portrayed accurately before your critical audiences.


To do this, we work closely with internal structures including public relations, investor relations, advertising and marketing, employee communication and human resources to create individual communications deliverables or comprehensive programs for key senior executives.


In this manner, we help companies leverage extant executive strengths — each individual’s brand — to maintain and grow shareholder value.


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