Acumen develops marcom strategies, messages and content that position and sell. We focus on business communicating with other businesses, the B2B sector.


With the energy and focus created by these elements — strategies, messages, content — we work with internal staffs and external specialists to ensure that the targeted messaging that results is effectively integrated into multiple delivery media.


This marriage of precise messages with the right media is not a casual effort.


B2B marcom today must effectively evaluate a broad array of conventional and digital delivery options to achieve the right mix, a mix that achieves optimum results with minimum input. Market demographics, media of choice, and message receptiveness vary within an enterprise — and even within a product line — and must be accommodated for a messaging program to be successful.


Acumen professionals' experience with today's multiple media options coupled with our deep insight into stakeholder interests and expectations, enables us to envision, create and execute communications programs that actually deliver your desired business results.


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